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Ref No Title Date Images
Details UR-SF 24 Dr I.T. Adamson, Department of Mathematics, University of Dundee c. 1936 - 1987
Details UR-SF 25 Dr C. J. Talbot, Department of Geology, University of Dundee 1965-2003
Details UR-SF 26 Professor David Rutherford Dow, Professor of Anatomy and Master of Queens College 1866-1987
Details UR-SF 27 Professor Arthur Donald Walsh, Chair of Chemistry, University of Dundee 1920-1976
Details UR-SF 28 Professor D. A. T. Dick, Professor of Anatomy, University of Dundee 1887-1994
Details UR-SF 29 Professor Adam Patrick 1907-1963
Details UR-SF 30 Professor George Howard Bell, Department of Physiology 1920-1976
Details UR-SF 31 Robert Cochrane Buist, Lecturer in Midwifery and Gynaecology, University College, Dundee c 1859-1937
Details UR-SF 32 Enid Gauldie 1678-1995
Details UR-SF 33 Stan Turner, Photographic Department 1854 - 1985
Details UR-SF 34 Professor Robert Percival Cook, Lecturer in Biochemistry, University College, Dundee and Queen's College, Dundee; Professor of Biochemistry, University of Dundee 1833-2000
Details UR-SF 35 Michael Shafe Collection 1963-1995
Details UR-SF 36 Christopher Whatley
Details UR-SF 38 Professor Alan Chalmers Lendrum c 1940-1982
Details UR-SF 39 Andrew McLaren Carstairs, Lecturer in Economic History, University of Dundee c 1972-1977

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