Richard Charles Alexander (1884-1968)
Professor of Surgery

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Collection Summary

UR-SF 10/1
Papers relating to Alexander’s schooldays. 1897-1901

UR-SF 10/2
Papers, etc., relating to Alexander’s studies

UR-SF 10/3
Alexander in Edinburgh, first posts and final examinations. 1908-1915

UR-SF 10/4
Alexander’s service in the Royal Army Medical Corps, in France

UR-SF 10/5
Alexander’s period as Lecturer, and Professor of Surgery

UR-SF 10/6
From Alexander’s retirement to his death. Miscellaneous documents.

UR-SF 10/7
Case books, treatment and operation books

UR-SF 10/8
Articles and medical case notes, as written up by Alexander

UR-SF 10/9
Typescript notes for lectures to students

UR-SF 10/10
World War II, papers and lectures delivered by Alexander

UR-SF 10/11
Lectures, given mainly to medical bodies

UR-SF 10/12
Meetings and dinners of professional associations

UR-SF 10/13

Administrative and Biographical History

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