George Bell
Professor of Physiology, University of Dundee

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Collection Summary

UR-SF 30/1
Red photograph album. 1969-1975

UR-SF 30/2
Blue photograph album. 1969-1975

UR-SF 30/3
Folder of photographs. 1959-1976

UR-SF 30/4
Framed photographs. 1924-1976

UR-SF 30/5
Loose photographs. 1920-1972

UR-SF 30/6
Personal photographs (loose) of George Howard Bell. 1952-1969

UR-SF 30/7
Signatures. c.1951-1974

UR-SF 30/8
Letters. 1951-1974

UR-SF 30/9
35mm colour transparencies c.1920-1985

UR-SF 30/10
Black and white photographs copied from slides in Bell Collection

UR-SF 30/11
Black and white miscellaneous photographs from Bell Collection

Administrative and Biographical History

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