Adam Patrick
Professor of Medicine at the University of St. Andrews
collection of O.H. Mavor Caricatures

Osborne Henry Mavor alias James Bridie general physician and successful playwright drew this colourful collection of prints showing various Glasgow medical and university personalities, with relevant notes of a gently sarcastic nature. The following personalities are all featured: Dr John Brownlee, Dr Murdoch Cameron, Dr Sam Cameron, Dr A.K. Chalmers, Dr A.H. Charteris, Mr F.J. Charteris, Dr G.N. Clark, Rev. Dr James Cooper, Dr T. Kennedy Dalziel, John Shaw Dunn, John Fergusson, Dr Leonard Findlay, Dr J. Glaister, Professor Andrew Gray, Dr W.K. Hunter, Dr W.R. Jack, Dr Robert Kennedy, Dr Mackintosh, Sir William McEwan, Dr George Middleton, Colonel Robert Muir, Mr R.H. Parry, Dr. Noel Paton, Sir John Primrose, Dr Ralph Stockman, Dr J.H. Teacher.

The collection is probably one of "O.H.'s" portfolios of coloured cartoons in the Max Beerbohm manner, which were sold at the Glasgow University Student Welfare Bazaar of 1923. The caricatures were apparently drawn a decade earlier but were not made available to the public because, some of the subjects had not liked them very much.

Ur-SF29/3 (7)
UR-SF29/3 (2) – Dr F.J. Charteris telling a funny story to Mr A.H. Charteris. A rare deed. Ur-SF29/3 (2)

Ur-SF29/3 (3)

UR-SF29/3 (3) - Dr John Brownlee explaining the play, Hamlet, to Dr. Chalmers.
UR-SF29/3 (4) – Mr Parry treating his students to a quiet talk on surgical diagnosis. Ur-SF29/3 (4)

Ur-SF29/3 (5)

UR-SF29/3 (5) – Sir William McKewan remembering Dr. Mackintosh’s name but failing completely to recollect his face.

UR-SF29/3 (7) – “Swore – in faith ‘twas strange, ‘twas passing strange. ‘Twas pitiful, ‘twas wondrous pitiful.” Dr. Noel Paton hears from Dr. G.N. Clark of moving accidents by flood and field. Ur-SF29/3 (7)

Ur-SF29/3 (8)

UR-SF29/3 (8) – The Rev Dr Cooper, receiving a visit from Dr. Gray, is at a loss how to entertain his guest. He is here shown essaying a comic song.
UR-SF29/3 (9) – Caricature of Sir John Primrose. Ur-SF29/3 (9)

Ur-SF29/3 (12)

UR-SF29/3 (12) – Dr. W.K. Hunter instructing Dr. Kennedy in Clinical Department.

UR-SF29/3 (14) – Dr W.R. Jack failing to split the smallest infinitive despite the kindly encouragement of Dr. J. Glaister. Ur-SF29/3 (14)

Ur-SF29/3 (15)

UR-SF29/3 (15) – Dr. Sam Cameron being subjected to the pain of finding Dr Murdoch Cameron bathing in the blue pools.

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