Dundee Dental Hospital

In 1909 the Dundee dental profession had organised itself into a "Dental Club" to promote dental practice in Dundee. In 1910 Dr Graham Campbell, later first dean of Dundee Dental Hospital, suggested there was a need for a "dental dispensary" in the town. In 1913 appeals were made for funding and premises to establish an institution.

Dundee Dental Hospital was opened on the 23rd February 1914 by Sir George Baxter in premises in Park Place, Dundee and aimed to provide surgical aid to "persons in poor circumstances suffering from diseases or irregularities of the teeth", also emphasising the need for preservation of teeth as opposed to simple extraction. One of the hospital's first activities was the treatment of soldiers of the regular and territorial armies in the first months of the First World War. In 1916 the activities of the hospital were extended to include a Dental School, offering a dental diploma awarded by the University of St Andrews.

In 1948 the running of the treatment service was taken over by the NHS, while St Andrews, through Queens College, Dundee, concentrated on developing the teaching facility. In 1968 a combined dental hospital and school was opened in enlarged premises in Park Place. This development saw the fruition of the ideas of Professor A D Hitchin, dean of the school, who had travelled widely abroad and saw in France the inspiration for a comprehensive medical and educational institution.

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