Administrative and Biographical Histories

History of Healthcare in Tayside

DDH Dundee Dental Hospital

THB 1 Dundee Royal Infirmary
THB 2 The Gerard Trust
THB 3 The Royal Victoria Hospital
THB 4 Dundee Women's Hospital and Nursing Home
THB 5 Dundee Orthopaedic and Rheumatic Clinic
THB 6 Dundee Eye Institution
THB 7 Royal Dundee Liff Hospital (Dundee Royal Lunatic Asylum)
THB 8 Strathmartine Hospital (Baldovan Institute)
THB 9 Dundee General Hospitals (Board of Management)
THB 10 Dundee District Board of Lunacy, Board of Control
THB 11 Dundee Mental Hospitals (Board of Management)
THB 12 Sidlaw Sanatorium, Auchterhouse (Later Sidlaw Hospital)
THB 13 Dundee Convalescent Hospital
THB 14 Maryfield Hospital
THB 15 Insurance Committees (Pre-NHS)
THB 16 National Health Service Executive Council
THB 17 The Eastern Joint Ophthalmic Services Committee
THB 18 Eastern Regional Hospital Board
THB 19 Tayside Health Board
THB 20 Arbroath Infirmary
THB 21 Tayside Rehabilitation Engineering Services
THB 22 Kings Cross Hospital
THB 23 Sunnyside Royal Hospital
THB 24 Ninewells Hospital
THB 25 Perth College of Nursing and Midwifery
THB 26 Dundee College of Nursing
THB 27 Community Medicine Department
THB 28 Medical Publications
THB 29 Murray Royal Hospital, Perth
THB 30 Murthly Hospital, Perthshire
THB 31 Bridge of Earn Hospital
THB 32 Perth Royal Infirmary
THB 33 Aberfeldy District Cottage Hospital
THB 34 Blairgowrie & District Cottage Hospital

MS 4 Prints reproduced in The Dioptric Review
MS 16 Pathology Drawings
MS 17 Thornton Collection (Ms 17/8 Bannatyne Home of Rest, Newtyle)
MS 31 Dr. Ruth Young, C.B.E. (1884-1983)
MS 38 Herbert Watt Torrance, Medical Missionary (1892-1977)
MS 49 Hugh Stannus Stannus (1877-1957), Specialist in Tropical Medicine
MS 55 Dr. Alexander Scott, F.R.S. (1853-1947)
MS 61 British Medical Association, Dundee Branch
MS 62 Dundee Clinical Club
MS 63 Dundee Medical Society
MS 64 Forfarshire Medical Society
MS 76 Donald George Sutherland (1863-1946)
MS 88 Joseph Johnston Lee, Journalist and Poet (1876-1949)
MS 96 Dundee Medical Library
Ms 111 Dr. William Maxwell Jamieson
MS 126 Notes from medical lectures taken by George Halley
MS 127 Notes from medical lectures taken by George Buchanan
MS 128 Notes taken from Dr Alexander Monro’s lectures on Surgery
MS 129 Notes extracted from Dr James Gregory’s lectures on the Practice of Physic
MS 131 Colonel Sir Alexander J H Russell
MS 134 Working Class Life in Dundee for Twenty Five Years 1878-1903
MS 162 Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings, 1891-1896 with separate index
MS 164 Reminiscences and papers by Margaret Menzies Campbell (née Shirlaw)
MS 178 Natural History Museum Insect Warning Posters
MS 186 Loose pages from statutory factory register
MS 191 Report to the Commissioners for Supplying The City of Perth with Water
MS 192 Certificates and diplomas in favour of members of the Cable and Ewen families
MS 203 Excerpt minutes, Poorhouse Committee of Dundee Combination Parochial Board
MS 221 Papers relating to James D. Cameron, Dentist, Dundee, c. 1895-1896
MS 242 Letter, November 1880, from D.R. Dow

UR-SF 10 Richard Charles Alexander (1884-1968) Professor of Surgery
UR-SF 29 Professor Adam Patrick (1883-1970)
UR-SF 30 George Bell, Professor of Physiology, University of Dundee
UR-SF 31 Robert Cochrane Buist, Lecturer in Midwifery and Gynaecology
UR-SF 34 Professor Robert Percival Cook, Lecturer in Biochemsitry
UR-SF 46 Records of Professor Hitchin

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