Pathology Drawings

The pathological drawings around which this collection are based were discovered in Dundee University in the early 1990's. All 63 original watercolours feature the signature of Neil Stewart [the artist] and feature commentary by William Tennant Gairdner. The majority of the watercolours are dated between 1848 and 1855.

Stewart was primarily a Botanist and was a member of many learned societies, including the Botanical Society of Edinburgh. He died on 8/12/1875 in his sixty-first year. Stewart excelled as a botanical draughtsman in the illustration of natural history subjects. He executed a large number of botanical drawings for the Botanical classes in the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh and for a number of years was the elected artist to the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, of which he became an Associate in 1850.

William Tennant Gairdner studied medicine at Edinburgh in the 1840's, gaining good reports and coming to work in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Gairdner applied for the post of pathologist to the ERI in 1848. This meant he became responsible for the "Edinburgh Pathology Register", a series of large leather bound volumes that recorded the findings from every post-mortem examination. Throughout his career he progressed rapidly, from Clerk to Infirmary Pathologist and finally, to Physician. His last appointment was to the Chair of Medicine at Glasgow University, and it was while in this position that he received his Knighthood.

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