Hugh Stannus Stannus (1877-1957)
Specialist in Tropical Medicine

Hugh Stannus Stannus, consulting physician and specialist in tropical diseases was appointed Medical Officer to the King’s African rifles in British Central Africa [Malawi], in 1905 and carried out research into various tropical diseases particularly pellagra and sleeping sickness. He made an intense study of anthropology and ethnology and published a monograph on the Wa-Yao people. He was elected F.R.C.P. in 1931. In 1914 he became principal medical officer of the Nyasa-Rhodesian forces operating in Southern German East Africa [Tanganyika (Tanzania)].

[See also: Lakeside Pioneers; Socio-Medical study of Nyasaland (1875-1920). Michael Gelfland, Oxford, 1964.]

The collection consists mainly of glass negatives, undated and mainly unidentified but presumably taken during Stannus’ stay in Africa, 1905-c.1918. A few index notes to the collection are included but as the negatives were originally unnumbered and apparently out of order in most cases, it has not been possible to relate them to the notes. For description of individual photographs contact Archive Services.

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