Donald George Sutherland (1863-1946)

Donald George Sutherland was educated at Watsonís College and the University of Edinburgh, graduating M.B., C.M., in 1886 with the University Medal in Medical Jurisprudence and Public Health, and taking the B.Sc., in Public Health three years later. In 1890 Dr. Sutherland became Medical Officer of Health for the county of Sutherland and Burgh of Dornoch. He was later called to the Bar by the Middle Temple and, in 1899, entered as an advanced research student at St. Johnís College, Cambridge, receiving the degrees B.A. (1901) and M.A. (1908) of that University. After a period as assistant bacteriologist in the Local Government Board Laboratories he was appointed Senior Bacteriologist to the Metropolitan Water Board in 1905.

He wrote a succession of nine Sanitary Reports on the County of Sutherland and a dissertation On Certain Spore-Bearing Anaerobic Considered as Criteria in the Bacterial Examination of Water Supplies.

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