The Royal Victoria Hospital

The Society in Aid of Incurable Persons in Dundee and District was formed in 1896-1897. The Society raised funds to purchase Balgay House, Jedburgh Road, Dundee, which was extended and adapted to become the Victoria Hospital for Incurables, Dundee. The Hospital opened on 26th August 1899 and in 1900 Queen Victoria named the Institution the Royal Victoria Hospital. In 1928 the Society was granted a Royal Charter by King George V to become a Body Corporate and Politic under the title ‘The Royal Victoria Hospital, Dundee’.

The Hospital provided long-term nursing care for a small number (usually about fifty) of terminally ill patients from 1899 to 1948, when it was transferred to the administration of the National Health Service. Developments after this date included the addition of a geriatric ward in 1959.

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