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Any Text:
Using this box will search the entire catalogue. Searching with wildcards (using the asterisk) is possible, e.g. Dun* will find Dundee, Dunkeld, Duns etc.

This will search only the titles of collections. Wildcards and the Combine Words options are possible.

Use this to search for a particular reference number. Dundee University Archives’ reference numbers are made up of a combination of letters and numbers. Be careful not to leave spaces between these, for example THB23/1/2 is correct, THB 23/1/2 is not. Searching with wildcards is possible.

If you wish to restrict your search to a particular date you can use this field. A wide variety of date forms are acceptable, please see the table below for examples of these. Searching with wildcards is possible.

Valid Date Forms:
You can use a variety of date forms to search the collections.

If you type in these dates: The search will find records of:
1567 Any date in the year 1567
1900 – 1910 Any date within any of the years 1900 - 1910 inclusive
Aug - Dec 1700 Any date between 1 August and 31 December 1700
1 - 2 May 1844 1st and 2nd May 1844 only
1 Jun - 30 Oct 1700 Any date between 1 June and 30 October 1700
4 Apr 1945 – 1946 Dates between 4 April 1945 and any date in 1946
early 1900s Any date between 1900 and 1904 inclusive
1800s Any date between 1800 and 1809 inclusive
circa 1565c 1565, c. 1565 Any date +/- 10 years centred on 1565 (1555-1575)
13th century The range of years 1200 – 1299
early 13th century First 40 years of the 13th century (1200-1239)
mid 14th century Middle 40 years of the 14th century (1330 – 1369)
late 16th century Last 40 years of the 16th century (1560-1599)

Combine Fields:
Use this option if you want to search using more than one field. Entering hospital in Any Text and THB23 in Reference and clicking on ‘And’ will find all records that contain the word hospital with a reference number of THB23. If you chose the ‘Or’ option you will find all records which contain the word hospital or have a THB23 reference number.

Combine Words in Fields:
You can narrow or widen your search by using the Combine Words in Fields option. If you type in Sunnyside children and select ‘And’ you will find all the records that contain the words Sunnyside and children. If you chose the ‘Or’ option you will find records that contain the words Sunnyside or children – a much larger result.

Search Results:
You can choose to sort results by Reference Number, Title, Date or Level by clicking on the appropriate title. Clicking on the item number will take you to a full description of that item. If there is a thumbnail attached click on that to view a larger image. Once you are in the full description click on the Reference Number (highlighted) and you will see a summary list of the collection. Clicking on the folders will give more details.

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